Sputum collection booth
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Sputum collection booth

Sputum collection booth is designed to protect respiratory organs of TB (tuberculous) treatment facilities staff from airborne infection.

  • 40x air change
    The spread of infected air is eliminated because of thirty-five/forty-fold air change
  • 18 months
    Guarantee period for sputum collection booths as well as electrical devices makes 18 months
  • Easy assembling needs no technician’s on-site visit

Protection is provided due to the localization of aerosol made by a TB (tuberculous) patient inside the sputum collection booth. The spread of infected air outside the sputum collection booth is eliminated because of thirty-five/forty-fold air change and rarefaction of air generated by exhaust ventilation appliance inside the sputum collection booth. By means of metal duct air is removed outside the room.

As of 18.08.2008 Russian Health Foundation purchased 594 sputum collection booths produced by Alternative-Climate LLC. These sputum collection booths were forwarded to health care facilities throughout Russia. Besides 40 sputum collection booths were supplied to different medical companies from Stavropol, Saratov, Arkhangelsk, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Republic of Khakassia, Belgorod, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Mari El Republic (Yoshkar Ola), Perm, Yakutia.

Standard model

Standard model includes two windows: the one — in the door (610×630 mm), the other — in the left door (550×590 mm).

There is an air duct opening located on top of the sputum collection booth.

Scope of supply consists of three packages:

(For the ease of transportation the standard sputum collection booth is provided by a pallet weighing 40 kilogram).

  • Housing of sputum collection booth Dimensions of the package — 2015×1080×170 mm.
    Weight — 120 kg.
  • Light fixture and electrical parts Dimensions of the package — 980×100×140 mm.
    Weight — 3 kg.
  • Ventilation appliance and ultraviolet light source Dimensions of the package — 720×270×340 mm.
    Weight — 8 kg.

Additional information

Company profile

Alternative-Climate LLC has archived a dominant position in the market of air ventilating, heating and conditioning in Central Russia.

Corporate activities are licensed as well as certified with SRO. Professional competence is proved by the permit to work on objects of military infrastructure. There are also permits of Russian Federation Ministry for Emergency Situations to perform installation, repair and maintenance works of fire safety facilities.

  • On-site visit, inspection of buildings and process technologies, technical and economic assessment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, automatic equipment and control boxes

and documents

Sputum collection booth are certified and licensed.

Order form

Show on booth sketch location of the door, inspection window, direction and place of exhaust air discharge from the sputum collection booth and the room
Show on room sketch location of the sputum collection booth incl. the expected corner for it

While editing you can make all the necessary notes and remarks on this sketch.

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